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The Advertising Avenger enewsletter is written for any home-based business owner and internet marketer who wants to improve their lives, increase their income, and have fun doing it.

The Advertising Avenger pulls no punches, is proudly Politically-INcorrect (death to Socialists!) slays sacred cows with alarming regularity, and gives you proven 'need-to-know' information you won't find elsewhere, to help make you and your life a good deal better than everyone else, (especially politicians and other left-wing scum) .

Every issue contains a goldmine of tips, techniques and strategies to help you make more money more easily in your business, and shows you the powerful strategies the top professionals use to boost response and generate huge amounts of cash - each and every day - as well as how to live the kind of life YOU want. Yes, even in the middle of a recession...

You'll get the inside scoop on what really works (for both ONLINE AND OFFLINE marketing). What to avoid. Plus the quick and easy ways for you earn maximum money in minimum time - and (most important of all) how you can enjoy yourself in the process...

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